Importing and distribution

Companies who are involved in importing and distribution often have unique business requirements.  

We service these needs with a range of capabilities, streamlining processes and assisting clients in managing their organisations.

Complex importing and distribution business issues that BES can solve

Managing multiple currencies 

Many of our customers import products from several countries. The Sage 300 ERP Multi-Currency Manager automates currency conversions and revaluations.

Landed costings 

Sage 300 ERP includes the capability to add the freight, insurance and custom costs to calculate the landed cost of products.

Inventory management 

Take charge of your inventory with this complete multi-location inventory tracking and management solution.  BES also has a web-based inventory advisor service for daily recommendations based on current data.


The BES team has created a series of Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards which show both financial and operational data to assist you in managing your business.

Service management
and job costing 

Some of our customers import equipment and then also offer equipment servicing or warranties. Our team work with a solution from Technisoft to support them.



How does BES use Sage 300 ERP to help in managing multiple currencies?

Our team use Sage 300 ERP's Multicurrency Manager module to assist in global accounting standard compliance.

This tool allows us to create and maintain unlimited currencies and exchange rates, enter transactions in any currency, and produce reports in different currencies.

It seamlessly integrates with financial and distribution modules, automating currency calculations and eliminating redundant data entry. The module also offers various revaluation methods and comprehensive reporting capabilities for efficient currency management.

How does Sage 300 ERP help with landed costings?

The BES team's preferred system, Sage 300 ERP, includes the capability to calculate landed costs for imported shipments.

This system is beneficial as it allows customers to accurately determine the total costs of a landed shipment, including purchase price, freight, insurance, and other associated costs. This feature enhances the accuracy of costings for inventory, helps in determining customer pricing, and provides transparency in apportioning costs to inventory items. Additionally, it enables customers to assess the profitability of individual projects.

What are the key benefits of inventory management with Sage 300 ERP?

Sage 300 ERP provides comprehensive and flexible inventory management, allowing you to take charge of your inventory, reduce carrying costs, and fulfill orders on-time.

You can track your warehouse inventory accurately, set reorder levels, and receive reports to manage slow-moving items.

Our team can customise the system to meet your business needs.

How do BES use the Technisoft solution integrated with Sage 300 ERP to assist with equipment service management and job costing?

The Technisoft solution seamlessly integrates with Sage 300 ERP to provide robust Equipment Service Management and Job Costing capabilities.

It is utilised by several customers, including Go-Bus, Hyundai Construction Equipment Australia (HCEA), Porter Group, Lockwood Homes, and Rotary Platforms.

The system efficiently manages preventative maintenance, resource scheduling, field service, equipment transfers, warranty tracking, accounting, invoicing, and more.

Additionally, it offers comprehensive job costing functionality for managing components and completing projects. With this integrated solution, businesses can effectively handle equipment service management and accurately track project costs.

What are the benefits of using the BES Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards?

Our Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards offer powerful graphical visualisation without the need for hundreds of spreadsheets.

It presents almost any data available, such as financial, operational, currency rates, industry benchmarks, etc., and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

The BES team can identify the data that is important to your current needs and future planning, and we have developed many templates for commercial customers, providing a short turnaround from requests.

The benefits include providing visibility for critical business issues by highlighting exceptions, delivering information rapidly to enable actions to be taken, and removing the need for hundreds of spreadsheets, duplicate data entry, and errors inherent with spreadsheets.

Meet our customers

Hamilton-based Porter Group began as a one-man road contracting service in 1945 under its founding president, Arthur Porter. Now into its third generation of Porter family managers, the group is New Zealand’s number one provider of earthmoving and construction equipment with offices nationwide and in Brisbane, Australia.

From sales and hiring capabilities through to servicing, the Porter Group of companies offers machines and parts for construction, mining as well as heavy haulage transport services.

Previously Porter Group’s monthly administration tasks used to take four days, but that’s down to less than one with the Sage 300 ERP system.

Read more about how BES assisted Porter Group.

Waitomo Group operate within an industry that is both complex and changing. The challenge was to find software that could support the unique requirements of liquid product inventory reconciliations – at both company owned sites and customer sites – a complex date-based pricing system, and detailed reconciliations between company records and Mobil, as well as coping with everyday accounting functions.

Read how Waitomo is meeting these challenges.

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