Budgeting and forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting is a key service here at BES, and our lead solution architects have a keen understanding of how to build, deploy and maintain the solutions that business users adopt and embrace.

Our team encourage clients to move away from Excel-based budgeting and forecasting activities to use purpose-built applications, and our consultants specialise in building budgeting models using our chosen applications.

Our solutions

IDU Software solutions

BES offers an enterprise-wide budgeting and forecasting solution through IDU Software.

IDU-Concept simplifies financial management by providing effective budgeting, forecasting, performance management, and reporting tools.

With seamless integration with Sage 300 ERP, IDU-Concept can be quickly implemented, requires minimal ongoing consulting fees, and reduces budgeting cycles from months to weeks.

This real-time system eliminates the frustration of managing multiple spreadsheets and versions, allowing budget owners to complete budgets in three weeks or less. Forecasts are generated in a matter of days.

Designed for non-financial users, IDU-Concept is user-friendly and promotes budget buy-in and accountability.

By streamlining budget processes and reducing administration, financial specialists can focus on analysing financial plans.

Visit www.idusoft.com for more information.

BI360 solution

BES offers Solver's BI360 Suite as a cost-effective budgeting and forecasting solution.

The suite includes reporting, budgeting, dashboards, data warehousing, and collaboration solutions.

With BI360 Reporting, users can create detailed financial statements and operational reports using a drag-and-drop interface in Excel.

BI360 Budgeting provides flexible and user-friendly budgeting and forecasting features, including customisable input sheets, multi-year budgets, rolling forecasts, and predictive analytics.

BI360 Collaboration revolutionises business communication and decision-making by enabling real-time interaction and joint efficiency across the organisation. For more information, visit solverusa.com/products/.

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