Many large commercial enterprises including Go-Bus and Brinks Chicken rely on us to provide their business systems.

They expect a lot from their business systems and we provide solutions to suit their evolving needs.

Complex commercial issues that BES can solve

Accounting and finance 

In addition to comprehensive financial management, Sage 300 ERP includes support for multiple currencies and locations.


Research shows that it is easier to understand many data items when they are displayed graphically.  The BES team have created a series of Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards which show both financial and operational data relating to a commercial business.

Integration to external systems

The team at BES are able to seamlessly integrate Sage 300 ERP to a customer's complementary applications.

Workflow solutions

BES offer sophisticated workflow systems that will enforce standard business processes. 

Inventory management

Take charge of your inventory with this complete multi-location inventory tracking and management solution. BES also has a web-based inventory advisor service for daily recommendations based on current data.


Budgeting and forecasting

We offer forecasting and budgeting systems which are easy and flexible to use. This ease of use extends to reflecting changes that impact your business. Our team can also assist with templates and plenty of advice.


What are the benefits of using the BES Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards?

Our Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards offer powerful graphical visualisation without the need for hundreds of spreadsheets.

It presents almost any data available, such as financial, operational, currency rates and industry benchmarks, and can be accessed anytime, from anywhere.

Our team can identify the data that is important to your current needs and future planning, and we have developed many templates for commercial customers, providing a short turnaround from requests.

The benefits include providing visibility for critical business issues by highlighting exceptions, delivering information rapidly to enable actions to be taken, and removing the need for hundreds of spreadsheets, duplicate data entry, and errors inherent with spreadsheets.

What workflow solutions are offered by BES?

BES offers workflow solutions that can be configured to match your business processes, including delegated authority approval levels.

Examples of workflows include controlling the addition of new customers and vendors, establishing a workflow for changes to vendor bank account numbers, approvals workflow for vendor payments, approvals workflow for supplier invoices, and approvals for purchase requisitions.

The benefits include enforcing standard business processes, reducing training time for new users, identifying data entry errors before it is too late, and reducing fraud opportunities.

What is Sage 300 ERP and how does it help with accounting and financial management?

Sage 300 ERP is the BES financial management software of choice that automates business operations and reduces costs while boosting productivity. 

It integrates sales and service functions for streamlined financial management, offers powerful reporting tools, and provides better business intelligence for a greater return on investment.

It includes features such as complex functionality to support businesses with multiple currencies or locations, a sophisticated security configuration with an audit trail for every transaction, and flexible inventory codes and user-defined fields for additional information or notes.

With Sage 300 ERP, businesses can make confident financial decisions based on solid, comprehensive data.

What are the key benefits of inventory management with Sage 300 ERP?

Sage 300 ERP provides comprehensive and flexible inventory management, allowing you to take charge of your inventory, reduce carrying costs, and fulfill orders on-time.

You can track your warehouse inventory accurately, set reorder levels, and receive reports to manage slow-moving items. The BES team can customise the system to meet your business needs.

What services do the BES team provide for budgeting and forecasting?

The BES team can help customers with accessing data, providing templates, Excel access, and migrations for creating annual budgets and setting up forecasting environments.

Meet our customers


The Van Den Brink Group is a New Zealand-based group of 50 separate business entities with interests ranging from property investment to dairy farming. It is best known for the market-leading “Brinks” brand of fresh, frozen and premium poultry products.

Read more about how we assisted Van Den Brink group with their business needs.

Headquartered in Hamilton, Traffic Management NZ is an independently owned business with approximately 500 employees, established in 2001. They have branches throughout New Zealand and specialise in all aspects of traffic management, from event and roading management, through to traffic management planning, equipment hire, education, and training.

Read about how BES helped Traffic Management NZ to significantly streamline office and technology processes, increase business visibility and enhance reporting with the implementation of Sage 300.

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