The GDPR - what it means for you

You may have read several emails from a variety of organisations letting you know they have updated their privacy policies and terms of use in relation to the European Union’s data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

The GDPR is a set of guidelines and responsibilities for businesses who hold or process personal data in the EU and aims to give people control over their personal data. Its implementation is timely, coming not long after news of the Facebook data breach.

While the new law is aimed at protecting EU citizens, New Zealanders will still benefit from it. Many of us are customers of global companies (think Apple, Spotify, Facebook) who are updating their data and privacy policies as a result of the GDPR. Businesses using accounting and business systems from global providers, such as Sage, will also benefit, and Sage has developed a tool to assist specifically with privacy issues.

It’s now more important than ever before to read before you tick the ‘accept’ box. Take the time to review all revised privacy policies and terms of use. Many companies will be updating their privacy practices and tools for their customers, so make sure you understand what you, and your business, are signing up to.